Where it all startsā€¦

The design process is very important for all projects. It sets the foundation for a job to run smoother, saves time, and saves money once the construction starts. Design build projects create a seamless process and minimizes the stress on you.

The first phase starts with the designer meeting you at your home and discussing the possibilities of the space with you. We then develop options for the space and determine which layout works best for your home life. Once the plan is selected, we choose the cabinets, countertops, plumbing, finishes, lighting, and any other items needed for the project. These steps determine the Scope of Work so that the budget can be created. The second phase is about getting you ready for construction, finalizing the products, and placing the orders. The last phase of course is construction where our installers make it all happen.

The designer is with you from the beginning to the end to help you navigate through the process of design build. You are never alone with our team.

Design Services

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